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I am sure some of you are in the middle of a project that feels like it is not moving forward, not getting done, failing. The best way to fix it, the best approach to saving projects from failure is to focus on the scope of the project with a laser like glare and ensure all your team members are visualizing that same scope (what it looks like when it is done).


Create energy behind that vision, provide leadership to help the team achieve that vision, and protect that vision from all those who try to change it in ways that distract or disrupt completing that vision.


The scope was selected and approved, the requirements build up to accomplishing that scope, the schedule and costs are aligned with the scope so motivate the team, forget about everything but the scope, and lead, lead, lead.


Watch my video "Improving Project Success" and make a real difference in your life, and the lives of your project team members. Energy is finite and if you are wasting your energy and the energy of your team on things that don't matter, you are greatly diminishing your and your team members quality of life and setting your project up for failure.

Jeff Minder, PMP

Live training for you and your team on Project Management and Business Analysis.

Coordinate the meeting times and Jeff can communicate with you and your team anytime and from anywhere in the world.

We raise puppies and train them to be multi-purpose dogs through our advanced imprinting program.

Training with Jeff Minder

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