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"Jeff is tenacious in pursuing the best results possible and is always seeking to improve his training and consulting processes."

This is where team matters.

No Matter the location, we can help you achieve success for you and your team.

"I have seen first hand how Jeff Minder relates to clients. He has a commanding presence with a positive attitude and a fund of knowledge normally found in consultants many years his senior. If you want to bring your staff up to speed quickly on business analysis and project management skills this is your trainer. His orientation is results driven while he pays individual attention to the different learning styles of those he instructs. He resonates with classroom learners and unselfishly shares with his professional colleagues."

Jeff Lynch Instructor/Facilitator at Executive Perspectives

"Jeff has an amazing style; he is a teacher with capital “T”. He is attentive and encouraging to every student. He makes complex material easy to grasp, and mundane stuff interesting and simple to remember. The energy he brings to the group, charges you up for the whole day; and even after an 8-hour class, you feel like you are ready [to] “take on” anything. I was very fortunate to take  [the] PMP preparation class taught by Jeff. [The] PMP certification exam is not about straight memorization; it’s about your understanding of the processes and being able to apply that understanding to situational questions. Jeff’s way of presenting the material not only gives you the information you need, but the true understanding of the subject matter. If I have to take any more certification exams, I really hope Jeff will be teaching a preparation course on that subject."

Olga Vilenski Research Scientist/Project Manager at Stanford University School of Medicine

"I have worked with Jeff at several events over the last year and feel that his presence makes any organization better. He is very focused on his engagements and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure high quality results on those engagements. Jeff is optimistic, realistic and has a great attitude in everything he works on. As a veteran, I can also state it is an honor to also count him as a friend."

Sam Huffman,PMP MCITP MCTR Senior Trainer/Course Content Manager at The Versatile Company

"I met Jeff first as a student in two of my project/program management classes. Subsequently, Jeff pursued and was awarded his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute. Jeff, on two occasions, assisted me in delivering project management training for government and private sector clients. I have found Jeff to be a very bright and creative consultant and trainer. He always delivers what he promises and achieves all defined results. He is articulate, very personable and approachable. He is tenacious in pursuing the best results possible and is always seeking to improve his training and consulting processes. I would highly recommend Jeff for any client seeking to improve their project management and program management processes."

Stephen Callahan, PMP CEO at Integrated Learning Solutions

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