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Combined Business Development and Project Management Bootcamp for the future project leader

Learn to start and run your own business.  Develop an entrepreneurial mindset.  develop techniques for managing scope, time and costs to the benefit of your own ideas, the benefit of your family, and most importantly, to the benefit of yourself.

America is the greatest nation in the history of the world.  That fact is based on Americans being exceptional due to being born in a free country.  A Constitutional Republic that limits the power of "other men who call themselves government" and gives the power to the individual for him to exploit through hard work, intelligence, and free markets (capitalism).

Knowing how to start and manage your own business, and introducing new products and services to the market, is the art of business.  90% of businesses fail in their first year using traditional business planning techniques.  By applying effective project management processes to new business development you can triple your success rate as a new business.  Additionally, these project management processes greatly increase the quality of your products and services and helps ensure customer satisfaction in the ongoing growth and success of your business.  Jeff Minder is the only instructor in the world who has successfully combined these techniques creating a method of developing your technical skills and combining them with the launch of your own business.


On-site class location is Madison Florida at the Top Tier K9 training facilities (Top Tier K9 is a property,  business and training center wholly owned by  Jeff  Minder).  After class entertainment includes demonstrations of protection dogs, drug and bomb detection dogs, and service dog training for anyone interested (not required).  On-site club/bar for fellowshipping after class.  Onsite student housing (limited number).



"Jeff has an amazing style; he is a teacher with capital “T”. He is attentive and encouraging to every student. He makes complex material easy to grasp, and mundane stuff interesting and simple to remember. The energy he brings to the group, charges you up for the whole day; and even after an 8-hour class, you feel like you are ready [to] “take on” anything. I was very fortunate to take  [the] PMP preparation class taught by Jeff. [The] PMP certification exam is not about straight memorization; it’s about your understanding of the processes and being able to apply that understanding to situational questions. Jeff’s way of presenting the material not only gives you the information you need, but the true understanding of the subject matter. If I have to take any more certification exams, I really hope Jeff will be teaching a preparation course on that subject." - Olga Vilenski Research Scientist/Project Manager at Stanford University School of Medicine

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