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Improving Project Success

One size never fits all in today’s business landscape.  It is imperative to know your team, find their strengths and weaknesses, and effectively lead them towards a well defined goal or objective.  It is time to stop arguing about technique or methodology and get busy building real results in a rapidly changing world where complete business success or failure may well hang on the next project.

Price: $79

Comprehending how our brains work to collect and manage data, combined with Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy produces the absolute best process for managing new products, services and results.

Price: $29

Wrapping our Brains Around the Scope of the Project
PMP Exam Prep

Project Management Professional (PMP) exam prep for the 5th Edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). 

Price: $99

Minute Minders

Show project teams to teach them how to be more successful in eliciting and managing requirements, increasing effective communications, and comprehending how to be more successful on their projects.

Price: $30

8 reasons projects fail

Jeff has dug deep into why projects fail and has come up with eight ways to solve those failure problems.  In these series he will break down each reason in full detail.

Price: $59



Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) Exam Rapid review is a Voice of PowerPoint review of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) guide including explanations of all 34 BA techniques used to elicit and manage requirements.

Price: $59


Courses included in this bundle:

8 Reasons Projects Fail and How to Save Them


Improving Project Success


Minute Minders


PMP Exam Prep For 5th edition of the PMBOK

Price: $149

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